How to machine wash
your lingerie


Get hooked.

Loose hooks and eyes will not only damage the bra during the wash, but they may also snag other laundry.


Bag it up.

Mesh wash bags are highly recommended for keeping your delicate garments protected during the wash cycle.


Be gentle.

Every washing machine has different cycle names, but the main idea here is to pick the most gentle, meant for the most delicate garments.


Save the spinning for spin class.

Centrifugal force and delicate undergarments don't mix well. So avoid any spin cycles.


Don't even think of tumble drying.

Tumble drying is the worst thing you can do to your underwear. Heat breaks down mesh or lace fibers as well as elastane (a fiber in most of our laces that enables the fabric to stretch for comfort).


End on a
flat note.

Instead of tumble drying, lay garments flat and use a towel to gently pat out excess water. Then hang to air dry.