Fashion Revolution is a global movement uniting designers, producers, makers, workers, and consumers together to dramatically change the way clothing is sourced, produced and consumed so that all clothing is made in a safe, sustainable, clean and fair way.

The community believes that collaboration across the entire chain—from the farmer to the consumer—is the only way to transform the fashion industry. Their mission is to bring everyone together.


Why We Joined?

ELSE Lingerie has always been made by women for women. From an early age, our founder and creator, Ela Onur, had a curiosity and awareness of the fashion industry, having grown up around skilled artisans and designers in her family’s lingerie business. She has a keen understanding of the importance and necessity in knowing the origins of materials used, as well as labor conditions and opportunities offered.

ELSE is committed to educating women in our community in the art of lingerie making, giving them the skills to earn their own living. We have also begun incorporating waste-reducing processes in our supply chain and creating products with sustainable materials. Through Fashion Revolution we can continue to unite and educate our community and beyond to work together towards changing the industry for the better.

Transparency & Accountability 

Anyone anywhere can find out how, where, by whom and under what conditions their clothing is made.

I can’t say working in the fashion industry is easy but I love it because this industry challenges me every day. Producing beautiful items makes me feel happy, productive, and clever in a way I never felt before starting to work.

Equal value on financial growth, human wellbeing and environmental sustainability

I have been working since I was 16 so it’s been almost 20 years in the fashion industry. As an uneducated woman, working gave me the chance to become independent. I earn my own money, I’m able to take care of myself and have the respect of my family and friends. Most importantly, I respect myself.
— Huriser


Honoring Artisans, Respecting Culture and Heritage

I grew up in the fashion industry, but I didn’t work until this year. Working in this industry helped me to understand a lot of things better. It is important that we all share our visions under an international brand like ELSE. We all respect different point of views, cultures and we can all get a chance to show this to the world.
— Habibe

Louder Voice to Speak up for Better Conditions

The conditions of the fashion industry in Turkey are not bad. We don’t work incredibly long hours, and when we do, we are paid for that time. However, we are aware that this isn’t the situation for all around the world. Women, who have better conditions should speak up for others and share their stories to inspire, to show how the conditions should be.
– Gülay


Dignified Work Opportunity for Everyone

There is equality at ELSE. We are all treated equally within the company; we all share the same food together, we share the same space. We are a community, and we respect each other.
— Cem


Fashion Lives to Express, Delight, Reflect, Protest, Comfort, Commiserate and Share

I feel satisfied in my work because I know the items we produce, make a lot of women around the world happy and satisfied. We have a connection with the women, who wear the products that we created.
— Gülcan


Fair and Equal Pay for Everyone

The products are made from the hands of experienced people of the industry with attention and detail. The adventure of an ELSE piece starts with the quality control of each material and each detail. The employees take the lead in the design and production of ELSE pieces, which motivates and excites us. The most satisfying aspect of the job is that the pieces we create, positively impact the women who wear them.
— Çiçek


Solidarity, Inclusiveness, Democracy! Diversity is Crucial for Success

Fashion is for everyone regardless of shape, gender, age, class or race. At ELSE, we make lingerie for everyone to make them feel empowered, comfortable and the best version of themselves while wearing it.
— Dilara


Protecting the Welfare of All Living Things and Safeguards Our Diverse Ecosystem.

Fashion needs to protect nature and the ecosystem. We need Mother Earth to continue producing these beautiful pieces. As ELSE, we all love and respect the environment and we all are aware of the need to protect this universe. That is why we started to do sustainable products in SS16 collection, and continue to expand with sustainable products each new collection.
— Canan


Repairing, Reusing, Recycling and Upcycling 

In our world, where natural resources are limited, reducing the residues into valuable products, using these products with the awareness of the consumer and contributing to nature is the most beautiful thing.
— Betül